Panasonic Bread Machine

Panasonic Bread Machine

Having owned various models for many years now, we highly recommend the Panasonic bread machine for home use and are currently using the SD-2511.

Perfect for all kinds of bread and dough recipes, the machine does all the hard work for you and produces good results every time. We use it primarily for wholemeal bread, white loaves and ciabatta baked in the bread machine together with the dough feature for mixing pizza dough, pizza dough rolls, and focaccia bread.

We use Allinsons Easy Bake Yeast together with Waitrose Canadian Strong White and Canadian Wholemeal flour which gives great results.

Wake up to the smell of fresh bread!

  • Many bread and dough options
  • Easy to clean, non-stick bread pan and paddle
  • Loaf size and darkness options
  • Speciality mode for using various grains and flours like Spelt flour

Read the reviews on Amazon for the latest model. You’ll see that whilst there are cheaper brands and models available, the Panasonic is one of the best bread machines on the market if you want a good quality machine that will produce excellent results and last for years.

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