NuVino Wine Aerator

NuVino Wine Aerator

Initially sceptical about how good the NuVino Wine Aerator would be after reading the reviews, we tried the wine aerator at home on various red wines and it really does work!

The basic principle is that it improves the bouquet and flavour of a glass of wine by acting as a ‘decanter’.¬†Just open your bottle of red wine, pop the aerator into the top and pour a glass.

After testing the device on a few varied bottles of red wine, there was a clear difference on each tasting even with a good wine. Try it yourself by pouring some wine into a glass without the NuVino device and then pouring the same amount of wine into a different glass and compared the two.

The NuVino Wine Aerator would make a great present for the man who has everything and enjoys a glass of red wine! Plus it’s compact and light so can travel with you too.

Just read the Amazon reviews, it speaks for itself.

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