Seafood Paella

Our recipe uses many of the traditional Spanish Paella methods but adapts some other techniques to fully utilise the modern kitchen.

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Cauliflower Cheese

This Cauliflower Cheese recipe offers a simple and inexpensive dish for any day of the week. It can be eaten on its own for lunch or as an accompaniment to a main meal.

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Beef Hash

This hearty Slow Cooked Beef Hash makes the perfect family meal and is a variation of traditional corned beef hash.

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Granola & Fresh Fruit

Just add your favourite granola, a selection of fruit such as blueberries, raspberries and orange segments together with a good spoonful of Greek Yoghurt.

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Onion and Leek Soup

Perfect as a starter or main meal, this Onion and Leek Soup is very easy to make and can be elaborated with the addition of cheese if required.

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Beef Curry

This curry recipe uses Aberdeen Angus Beef for a 'melt in the mouth' taste. Vary the quantity of chillies to make a spicy or mild version.

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Rock Cakes

Featuring my mum's very simple recipe for tasty little rock cakes that I have just made for the first time!

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