Basic Pancake Batter Mix

Basic Pancake Batter Mix

Fresh pancakes can be made at home in no time and can be served in a variety of ways – traditional with lemon juice and a sprinkle of sugar, with cherries and ice cream, strawberries or oranges, or as a savoury pancake for lunch. We recommend mixing the batter mix in an electric mixer to make life easier but you can also beat by hand.

  • Servings : 2-4
  • Prep Time : 10 mins
  • Cook Time : 5 mins
  • Chilling Time : 4 hours or more

Ingredients – makes 1/2 pint of batter mix (increase or decrease according to your recipe)

  • 4 oz Plain or Self Raising Flour
  • 1/2 pint Semi-skimmed or full cream milk
  • One medium to large egg
  • Pinch of salt


  1. Measure out the flour and sieve if needed.
  2. Measure out the milk.
  3. To make sure you don’t get any shell in your pancake, break the egg into a small bowl or cup first and remove any shell pieces.
  4. Add all the flour to a large mixing bowl (preferably from an electric mixer) then, making a small well in the middle, pour the egg into the centre.
  5. Using a food mixer with a “K” beater or similar mixing blade, (not a whisk), beat the egg and flour mixture on a medium speed for a few seconds until the egg and flour are thoroughly mixed.
  6. The mixer will begin to labour (slow down) and at this point, gradually add half the milk to the bowl and add a pinch of salt, mixing until smooth.
  7. Stop the machine and remove the mixing bowl.
  8. Using a plastic ladle or wooden spoon (non-scratch), make sure that the flour at the bottom of the bowl has thoroughly mixed with the milk and egg and that none is stuck to the mixer blade. At this point, the consistency should be a runny paste without lumps.
  9. At medium speed, slowly add the remainder of the milk a little at a time, slowing the beating speed as the mixture becomes runnier.
  10. Remove the mixing bowl from the mixer and transfer the pancake mix into a 1 pint basin or container, removing any lumps with the back of a desert spoon.
  11. Cover the mixture loosely and place in the fridge for a least 2 hours. This softens the flour and creates a smoother batter mix.
  12. Once the batter mix is ready to use, remove from the fridge and stir gently with a spoon or spatula to mix well, ensuring the mixture is not stuck to the bottom of the bowl. It should be the consistency of single cream.

Top Tips

  • To remove any lumps, sieve the final mixture if required as this is harder to do later on
  • Chill the mixture for 4 hours or more if possible

Recommended Equipment

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