Bolgheri Rosso 2005

Bolgheri Rosso 2005

Country of Origin: Tuscany, Italy

Grape: Merlot, Sangiovese and Cabernet Franc

Colour: Ruby

Vinyard: Le Macchiole Bolgheri Estate

Bottle: 75 cl

Purchased from: Makro (UK) box of 6

Approx Cost: £11.50 per bottle

My Home Bistro Rating: 7/10

MyHomeBistro Reviews

He said… “This is a very smooth wine with fruity flavours, principly blackcurrant. It operates on two levels, after the initial fruity hit there is a good back of the throat taste but no third taste on the roof of the mouth. It is fairly good value and not a bad wine but not great for the money. Good with meat or on its own.”