Castellani Chianti Classico 2011

Castellani Chianti Classico 2011

Country of Origin: Italy

Region: Tuscany

Grape: Sangiovese

Castellani Chianti Classico 2011 ReviewColour: Mid Cherry Red

Vineyard: Castelani

Vol: 12.5%

Bottle size75cl

Purchased from: Tesco

Cost: £59.94 per case

Flavour intenstiy: Medium Bodied

Stopper: Stopper

From the Label:

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My Home Bistro Review

He said… “This has the Black Cockerel on the neck of the bottle which is the mark of a true Chianti Classico. There is a fairly fruity bouquet when tasting. The initial flavour is of soft fruits, there is then a rounded flavour of alcohol and fruit that has a real width in the mouth. The taste is long lasting. Best served with food, meats or tangy cheese.” 7/10

She said… “This had a musty aroma initially (but not an unpleasant one!). Good deep woody tastes with a hint of spiciness but no fruit flavours.  A pleasant wine to drink alone or with hearty food, would buy again.  ” 7/10

Note – having read each other’s reviews, we did wonder if we had tasted the same wine but these are our honest comments as we tried the wine!