Lovely Frothy Coffee

Lovely Frothy Coffee

With the right equipment, this is a quick and easy method of producing a very tasty frothy coffee at home.

Ingredients – per serving in a standard mug or cup

  • 1 x teaspoon Instant Gold Coffee
  • Semi skimmed milk – approx 100 ml per mug
  • Demerara sugar – to taste
  • Hot boiled water


  • Boil the kettle!
  • Put the coffee (and sugar if required) into a large mug
  • Pour the cold milk into the glass measuring jug and lightly ‘whizz’ with the hand blender to create a frothy texture
  • Pour hot water into the mug to fill approx 2/3
  • Top up with the frothy milk and stir

Top Tips

  • When using the hand blender, keep it level with the top of the milk and move in a circular motion otherwise the milk tends to ‘fly everywhere’ and can get messy!

Recommended Equipment

  • Hand blender
  • Large mug with wide rim
  • 1 litre tall glass measuring jug