Garlic Chives

Garlic Chives

If you love garlic but not the after-effects, these easy grow garlic chives are a perfect substitute when cooking as there are no offensive odours after eating! We highly recommended this herb to grow at home with little effort and good results when using in recipes.

The versatility of the plant is quite something and the chives can be added to Chinese stir fries, soups, jacket potatoes, roast potatoes, salads, pasta, fish recipes, cheese dishes and creamy dips too.

With the Chinese name of Gua Choy, they are a member of the onion family as are regular chives. The leaves are dark green and flat, almost like a marshy, healthy grass but far shinier and more pleasing to look at, especially as a garnish for food. Not only  tasty and nutritious, they are used in Chinese medicine too.

They are easy to grow from seeds or as established plants (which we recommend) on an outside wall in a container, in a hanging basket, or in the herb section of your garden. They prefer full sun but we grow ours happily in partial shade. Good drainage is important though.

  • Different soils can be used but not too acidic or alkaline is preferred
  • Do not allow the soil to completely dry out
  • If not cut at the time of flowering, white flowers will be produced
  • Once the plant is established, it can be moved in clumps
  • Harvest regularly to promote growth

The beauty of the plant is the rigorous growth after harvesting and ability to survive milder winters outdoors. When cutting, use scissors and crop from the tip to around 20 mm below. Then wash under running water and cut into 10-15 mm sections or longer if using in clear soups or similar. Do not cut all of the plant if possible as the photosynthesis of the remaining plant helps to produce the new growth. The plant grows to around 200 mm high and will spread over time.

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Purchased from Garsons Garden Centre in Titchfield