Gammon Stew

This recipe uses leftover Gammon to create a delicious stew as a hearty meal or as a soup to start. Allow the flavour of the ingredients to be the predominant taste.

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Lamb Shanks Casserole

Based on our original Lamb Casserole recipe, this variation features Lamb Shanks instead of diced lamb if you prefer a full 'joint' of meat.

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Beef Chilli

Traditionally made with minced beef for years, our Beef Chilli recipe now contains good quality beef such as Aberdeen Angus that we dice ourselves into chunky pieces and cook in the pot for around 2-3 hours.

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Spicy Lamb Casserole

Our tasty Lamb Casserole has developed over time with extra ingredients and varying quantities. We cook it regularly and once in the pot, you can sit and relax.

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Chicken Casserole with Beer

This tasty Chicken Casserole uses chicken breasts without bones. A good strong bitter beer can be used to add flavour to the dish or you can use stock and flavour enhancing ingredients.

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Chicken Casserole Indian Style

This Chicken Casserole recipe transforms all of the flavours in the dish to create a unique blend of herbs and spices that enhance the taste of the chicken.

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Pork Casserole

This hearty winter warmer has developed over the years from a tasty tomato and pork dish that my mother used to make to a Pork Casserole with additional ingredients, herbs & spices.

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