Maris Piper

One of the most commonly grown potatoes in Britain. Creamy white flesh with golden skin. Fluffy and creamy after cooking. A good all rounder.

  • Ideal for hand cut chips


The most popular red potato available.

  • Good for chips and makes a light mash potato

King Edwards

White skin, red eyes in small dimples. Floury so good for mash.

  • Good for mash and roasting


Firm and earthy. Yellow, buttery skin colour. Retains shape well so good for creaming.


Largely replaced in supermarkets in the 1980’s by Estima. A general purpose potato like estima but with an earthier taste. Good when the need to keep the shape is needed, dicing in pasties etc

Maris Peer

Related to Maris Piper but smaller, ideal for salads.They have a light clean flavour and can be boiled or roasted. Good cold.


These are beautifully formed potatoes, longer rather than round.Generally very clean skin without eyes.Taste good both hot and cold. Great for salads.

Yukon Gold

Buttery and golden. Good for roast potatoes, mashing and general use.


Good for baked potatoes or chips.